Welcome to Brian Fediuk's Website

Welcome to the website of a teacher, I.T. Specialist, mathematician, and geek culturist. This site will act as an outlet for my creativity, thoughts, professionalism, and so much more!

I am a self-starter, hard worker, and one who loves to take initiative. I define my goals immediately and work towards them until I arrive at success. I have a bachelor's degree in Adolescent Education with a concentration in Mathematics and a master's degree in Instructional Technology. I have moderate experience in web design, computer repair and social marketing, and I am actively involved in independent study of Mathematics.

I have a passion to teach as much as I learn(and vice versa). My ideal day includes learning something new while attempting to educate others of my knowledge of a particular subject.

I am currently a teacher for a high school in New York State. I teach various technology-based courses and I thoroughly enjoy my job. I am able to combine both my obsession with technology with my passion to teach in one career.

Please navigate through my site to learn more about me. You will find information about professional services offered, mathematical exploring, and educational philosophies. You can also find my blog that covers how-to guides and personal writing about technology and other areas of interest.


Brian's Motorcycle Trip Across America: