Tech Review: iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Earbuds   Recently updated !

Smartphones are probably going to lose that headphone port within the next 5 years. With that in mind, let’s check out a pair of iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Earbuds that I was asked to review. What’s in the Box In the box you get the following items: Earbuds Rubber mounts (large amount!) USB Charging Cable Instruction […]



Tech Review: iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Headphones   Recently updated !

Word on the street is that smartphones are starting to drop the headphone port. This paves the way for specialized ports on phones via charging port, or bluetooth headphones. Today’s product review is for the iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Headphones. What’s In the Box? In the box, we get the following items: Bluetooth Headphones Charging Cable […]

Tech Review: iClever Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphone speakers have come a long way. Unfortunately, they are still not good enough for a social gathering. Thankfully, there exist many solutions, one of which being the iClever Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. What’s In the Box?   Inside the box we get the following items: Bluetooth Speaker USB Charging Cable Audio Jack Manual This is […]



Product Review: Dr. Aer Resistance Workout Bands

Recently, I was asked to review some workout resistance bands by Dr. Aer. If you don’t know what these are, check this out! These workout bands are strong, durable elastic bands that can either add or decrease resistance while doing various workouts. You can try any of the following: Add to a pushup to increase […]

Tech Review: Omaker Dual Port USB Charger

If you travel half as much as I do, you know that having a charger dedicated to a travel bag can save a lot of headaches. Today I will be reviewing the Omaker Dual Port USB Charger. The charger included has two USB ports, both capable of Qualcomm 2.0 Quickcharging. It basically means that this […]



Tech Review: Omaker USB Type C Cable

My Nexus 6P came with a 3 foot USB Type C cable for charging. While it works just fine, I need more length to successfully use my phone while charging it. When Omaker reached out to me for a product review of a 6.6 foot USB Type C Cable, I was very excited. Omaker is […]


Tech Review: KooPower Men’s Sports Watch

I’m not much of a watch fan, but when I was asked to review one, my opinion changed. Today’s review is for the KooPower Men’s Sports Watch. The watch comes in a nice cardboard box. Below the watch is the instruction manual. With the number of features advertised, you’ll need that manual! Features The watch […]

Tech Review: AllReli Wireless Fast Charger

Wireless charging is no new technology, but in terms of mobile devices, people are finally seeing the value. This product review is for the AllReli Wireless Fast Charger.   This device allows a user to plug their charger into this pad, and it will wireless charge it while set on top of the pad. Using […]



Tech Review: 1ByOne 10,000 mAh External USB Battery

Most smartphones today have a battery that cannot be removed. Initially, with my Note 4, I was more than happy to carry a spare battery in my pocket, but my Nexus 6P does not offer such a feature. Thankfully, external USB batteries have entered the market. This review will cover the 1ByOne 10,000 mAh External […]

Tech Review: 1ByOne Programmable Gaming Mouse

While I am not a gamer anymore (those days are long gone, but I will pick up the occasional game here and there), I do appreciate gamer tech, especially things that are affordable. Let’s face it, if you want to buy a gaming computer, everyone will recommend gaming mice and keyboards that are top-of-the-line, but […]



Tech Review: iClever Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

While phone speakers are getting better and better, nothing can beat a true speaker to play music. In terms of portability, you probably want something that has an equal focus on portability and sound quality. Well, I have just the product for you! Today we’re looking at the iClever Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker.     […]

Tech Review: iClever 6-port Boostcube Desktop USB Charging Station

When it comes to charging phones, wall outlets can become quite the issue. Often, we struggle to find an open outlet at a friend’s house, or even worse, at the airport. Fear not, for a gadget has been invented to fix this exact problem. Today’s review is for the iClever 6-port Boostcube Desktop USB Charging Station. […]



Tech Review: AllReli Sleek Car Charger with Magnetic Mount

If you don’t have a USB charger in your car, you’re taking a huge risk! A dead phone is one of the worst possible scenarios you could face in an emergency. Thankfully, I have just the device for you. The AllReli Sleek USB Car Charger with Magnetic Phone Mount provides the charge you could need for […]

Tech Review: AllReli Magnetic Car Mount

Summer is the time for road trips, and what better way to conveniently use your GPS in your car than a magnetic car mount? This product aims to make it easy to quickly mount your phone to your car. With a simple placement or pull, the phone can be attached or unattached, making it much […]