Tech Review: Tech Armor 3000 mAh USB Battery   Recently updated !

If you recall my USB Battery Buying Guide, there are many factors that determine which style of battery you should be buying. Aside from shape and size, capacity is also important. This product review is for the Tech Armor 3000 mAh USB Battery. This battery is nice and small, and offers enough capacity for a […]

Inner packaging tray and instruction manual included. Also, a nice USB cable.


Tech Review: Tech Armor Dual USB Car Charger   Recently updated !

It seems that everywhere I go in my car, it would be a great opportunity to give my phone a little extra juice. I’ve done car USB charger reviews before, I know. However, when a company requests a product review, I must deliver. This review is for the Tech Armor Car USB Charger. The device […]

Tech Review: Tech Armor 6ft Extra Strong Lightning Cable   Recently updated !

USB cables these days need to be tough, especially for the power-user on the go. I can’t tell you how many standard USB cables I’ve destroyed from regular wear and tear. These days, USB cables need to survive our basic use, or we need to keep buying cheap cables. The product for review in this […]

The box damage was due to my carelessness. I left it on my desk and tossed a book on top of it accidentally.

Tech Review: Venstar Taco Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers are slowly becoming a “must have” for anyone who is on the go. We often want to have music loud enough for background music without the attachment to our phone or other device. Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for speakers that come with built-in batteries that connect via bluetooth or other […]



Tech Review: EasyAcc Universal Multi Device Organizer Stand

This is the third product this week I have been able to review. While this device isn’t as exciting, its uses are just as plentiful. This product is kind of like a file rack, except for electronic devices.       Using this stand changes the way you look at your devices. Having them organized […]

Tech Review: EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Smartphones

This month, I was spoiled when it came to doing technology reviews. I have discovered accessories that I never saw myself ever needing until after I used them for a week or so. Recently, I did a review on a flexmount, which made my bedtime Netflix sessions amazing. Now, I’m experiencing a car accessory that […]



Tech Review: EasyAcc Gooseneck Lazymount

It seems these days that everyone has a computer, a tablet and a smartphone. Often, this technology is set down on the table, and we bounce between laptop, tablet and smartphone quite often. I’m guilty of texting friends while streaming Netflix on my iPad quite often. My iPad case has a built in stand, but […]

Tech Review: aLLreLi Dual USB Travel Charger Kit w/ LCD Display

Many people travel to different countries these days. What’s interesting is that we no longer feel the need to bring a laptop or other bulky technology with us. I bring my iPad and Note 4, and I couldn’t be happier in terms of technology. My laptop is big, horrible on battery life, has a bulky […]

Charger device with 4 ports


Turkey 2015: Last Days in Istanbul – 8/14/15 Through 8/19/15

After we returned, we were exhausted. It was such an amazing trip, but we ran out of energy (and money). We decided that we needed to get in some final tourism, exploring the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Other than that, Serra had some family obligations and small errands to run. The Topkapi Palace was […]

There were dozens of rows of these pillars

Turkey Summer 2015: Day of Tourism Before Cappadocia – 8/10/15

After getting back from Çeşme, we had one day before venturing out to Cappadocia. Today’s plans include the Hagya Sofia, Basilica Cistern, and visiting various areas around Istanbul. The first stop was the Hagya Sofia. We arrived before the line got too long. It was stunning how beautiful the building was, and the history was […]

Turkey Summer 2015: Weekend in Çeşme 8/7/15 through 8/9/15   Recently updated !

This weekend in Istanbul was actually spent in Çeşme, a beach-like area in Turkey. We took an airplane to the city, since it was an 8 hour drive away. Upon arrival in Izmir, we rented a car and headed right to our hotel, called the Tash Mahal Hotel. It was an awesome minimal place. Once we […]

The place we hung out at

Beautiful mosque found on the water

Turkey Summer 2015: Arrival and First Day, 8/5/15 – 8/6/15   Recently updated !

I decided this year that I was going to spend 2 weeks in Istanbul this summer! The trip is from August 5th to August 19th, with 2 mini trips to some amazing places, Çeşme and Cappadocia. I headed out for my 5pm flight around 9:30am to the train station in Middletown, NY. I had a […]

Tech Review: 1ByOne Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

As the mobile industry moves forward, touch-screen devices are becoming more and more popular among users. I find myself using my desktop PC and laptop less frequently as my iPad and Note 4 are quickly replacing many aspects of my daily life. Of course, these devices have their limits in some areas, but peripherals such […]