Product Review: Eleclover Universal Travel Power Adapter

Summertime is here! Time to travel! What better device to enable travel than a Universal Travel Power Adapter? This device is the only thing included in the box. It is an all-in-one device that allows you to tap into the power of any outlet in over 150 countries. Let’s take a look! The front of […]



Product Review: Eleclover ON-OFF Lamp Nightlight

Recently I was asked to write a review for a cute little nightstand lamp. This review is for the Eleclover ON-OFF Lamp Nightlight. This cool gadget is make of a soft rubber. It’s about 8 inches long and looks just light a light switch. This nightlight is turned on and off by moving it like […]

Product Review: Eleclover Luggage Scale with Bonus Luggage Lock

Summer is here, and it’s time to travel! Up for review is the Eleclover Loggage Scale with a Bonus Luggage Lock. In the box, we get the following things: Luggage Scale Luggage Lock Instruction Manuals First, let’s look at the luggage lock. The luggage lock is a flexible lock that clicks into place. You use […]



Tech Review: 1ByOne In-Ear Headphones with Flexible Memory Wire

Summer is here, and I need to start running to get back in shape! Like anyone else, I always like listening to music. Fortunately, I’ve found a pair of headphones that won’t fall out.   Today’s review is for the 1ByOne In-Ear Flexible Memory Wire Headphones. These headphones are great for anyone who needs affordable, […]

Tech Review: 1ByOne 24W Solar USB Charger

Now that summer has arrived, it is time to get ready for some camping. Often, we don’t have constant sources of power in the woods. Sure, you can bring a USB battery, or you could truly use nature to power your tech. Enter the 1ByOne 24W Solar Charger. This cool device will charge up to […]



Product Review: Dunli Digital Food Scale with Bowl

I like to cook for fun. Whenever I am offered a cooking tool, I get excited! Today’s review is for the Dunli Digital Food Scale with Bowl.   What’s Inside? Inside the box is the scale, instructions, and batteries. I love when a company includes batteries, it saves us from horrible Christmas mornings, going on […]

Product Review: Eleclover UV Flashlight

Ultra-violet (UV) Light is an interesting thing. It sometimes reveals more information than we want to know, such as cleanliness of a hotel room. Today’s product review is for the Eleclover UV FLashlight.   At first glance, it looks like a normal flashlight. However, it is much more powerful at spotting certain things. On the […]



Product Review: Lumintop AAA Miniature Flashlight

Having a quality flashlight can mean the difference between a happy power-outage and a miserable power-outage, or a good camping experience vs a bad one, etc. I firmly believe that everyone should have a high-quality flashlight for emergencies.   The Lumintop flashlight is very small, but packs a punch. I was skeptical at spending ~$20 […]

Product Review: Eleclover 10×25 Portable Binoculars

Binoculars are an age-old gadget used by those who like to see the “bigger picture”. I was very excited to review some Binoculars by Eleclover. A nice included bonus with these binoculars is a para cord bracelet that includes plenty of strong rope, a compass, whistle and rope cutter. You also get a small micro-fiber […]



Tech Review: Eleclover Portable Solar Crank Radio

Emergencies aren’t fun. Preparing for emergencies, however, can be fun! Getting yourself prepared for compromising situations is a great way to make sure you can handle emergencies. Today’s review is for the Eleclover Portable Solar Crank Radio. This device prepares you for a power outage or other emergency where radio, light and USB power are […]

Product Review: Ecooe Stainless Steel Kettle

I happen to be a huge fan of tea. I drink tea at least once a day, and usually hit upwards of 2-3 cups on a good day. When I was asked to review a Stainless Steel Kettle by Ecooe, I was more than happy to do so. The kettle takes more of a classical […]


Product Review: ECOOE Wine Aerator

Wine is an age-old beverage that has built a large culture. For some, wine is a great way to relax after a long work week. For others, wine is an art. To appreciate art, you need to know about the topic, including how it is created, the inspiration, the science, the culture, etc. Enter the […]



Product Review: Jump Sports Resistance Band

With summer quickly approaching, getting toned and in shape is on a lot of To-Do lists. Thankfully, one can avoid expensive gym memberships and grab some simple workout gear online for cheap. This review is for the JumpSport Resistance Band. This is a large, quality rubber resistance band that can assist in many different ways […]

Tech Review: 1ByOne 6000 mAh External USB Battery

I’ve reviewed my fair share of USB batteries. Recently, I was given a slim-battery to review. I took this on a school field trip on Friday and was very impressed with the results. This review is for the 1ByOne 6000 mAh USB Battery.   What’s In the Box Inside the box, you get the necessities: […]