Brace Yourselves, Bitcoin is Making a Comeback

Bitcoin’s price has been steadily approaching the $300 mark after a long slump below that value. Some recent events have pushed the price back up: Bitcoin gets FINRA Approval Bitcoin May be Key to True Net Neutrality European Central Bank Report Examines Growth in Virtual Currencies Wall Street Shows $60M Interest in Bitcoin Now may […]


Lifestyle Change: Drinking Tea Every Day

Tea has been a beverage of choice for thousands of years. I got into tea after killing my addiction to coffee. The sugar and dependency on caffeine from coffee was just not a healthy choice, and I wanted to change my lifestyle habits to allow for a healthier intake of beverages. I did some research […]


Closeup of the falls

Adventure Report: Sam’s Point and Verkeerder Kills Falls in Cragsmoor, NY

New York has some fascinating trails to travel. Today, I went with a friend to check out Verkeerder Kills Falls in Cragsmoor, NY. Being only 30 minutes away, it made a nice destination for a day-hike. In addition to the Verkeerder Kills Falls, we also went to Sam’s Point lookout, which was a 10 minute […]

This was the frozen river that fed the waterfall.

Adventure Report: Shaft 2A Waterfall in Kerhonkston, NY

Winter hiking is an interesting hobby that I’ve been trying. After getting some polyester clothing, I have been able to tackle some great things. Recently, a friend and I embarked on some winter climbing to see a waterfall that had frozen over. We saw some really cool stuff. The hike starts with a small hike […]


Tech Review: Amazon Fire TV stick

Internet-based TV gadgets have gained some amazing traction over the past couple years. What started with the Roku and Apple TV opened the doors for many different devices that serve to deliver media to the TV. We’ve seen an impressive list of devices that are trying to change how consumers get their content: Apple TV […]

403 Errors with SobiPro and Joomla 3.x? Try this solution!

SobiPro is a powerful directory system. It is free to use, and has paid support and extensions. This is hands down the best directory service I have ever used. When installing it onto Joomla 3.x, I kept getting 403 errors, noting that I did not have permission to access categories, sections, or alpha listings. I […]


Snapchat Just Implemented a Money Sending Feature, and It’s Going to Be HUGE

For those of you that don’t know, Snapchat is an application where users can send self-destructing pictures and videos to each other. As a free service, this is a convenient way to share things socially, without the fear of photos being saved by the receiver. While there have been leaks of photo databases from third […]

Adventure Report: Hiking the Ridge at New Paltz, NY

On Saturday, November 15th, a couple friends and I decided to do some hiking at the West Trapps area in New Paltz. This area is part of the Mohonk Preserve, and offers many cool areas to hike and explore. Our hike for this day was across the top of a famous area, called The Ridge. […]

Tech Review: Samsung Note 4

I have a habit of jumping into “flagship phones” as my cell phone contract is up for renewal. It started with the HTC Evo 4g, which was a masterpiece, turned to the Galaxy S3, which was also an amazing phone. Now, I have turned to something beyond anything I have ever used before. I purchased […]

Breaking one of America’s Biggest Addictions: Caffeine

Two years ago, I was addicted to caffeine in any shape or form, whether it be coffee, energy drinks, soda, gum, and I even tried breath mints with caffeine. It was a daily part of my life, consumed 2-4 times daily through coffee, candy, soda and energy drinks. I stopped drinking energy drinks and soda almost […]


Dear AT&T, I Truly Wonder Why it Costs $40 to Activate my New Phone…

In an age where technology replaces many mindless tasks, automates processes, and ensures that waste is eliminated, many companies still have strange fees that make you wonder if it is indeed something that costs the company money to deliver great service, or if those fees are just ways to demand additional money from customers. I […]