Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 17: Late start to see a hole in the ground

So, I woke up at 7. I thought I would have been able to wake up earlier, but no such luck. I went next door to grab a quick breakfast. Opted for a sanwich that I can nibble on during the trip out. No stopping except for gas and water allowed today. If I get out by 8:30, I should be able to get there be 4. That gives me just enough time to set up camp and take the bike to some viewpoints. I’ll also have tomorrow do briefly do so as well, but today is the designated day.

Wish me luck!


Alright, the desert is definitely winning this fight at the moment. After 200 miles of riding, I get a call from the campground. I am supposed to have livestock for their campground. Luckily I grabbed a cheap motel in Flagstaff, AZ after hearing the voicemail. When I get there, I’ll figure out the best situation for seeing the Grand Canyon. It seems to be an hour and a half away but that’s not too bad in the evening. Its either that, or I go see it tomorrow and deart directly from there. Either way, its the last planned part of this trip, so I have plenty of flexibility.

I’ve drank so much water, yet I still feel dehydrated. I’ll be chugging as much water as I can before departing. I stopped in a Wendy’s and grabbed a frostee and a burger. Delicious.

Oh boy. After I left the last pit stop, I hit a HUGE storm. It was brutal. Rain, hail, winds, it was nuts. The hail hurt at 65mph. I might have bruises.

Here’s a photo of the incoming storm:

IMG_2014080138795It was pretty intimidating. However, nothing, I repeat, NOTHING was going to get between me and the Grand Canyon today. Something about me has changed on this trip. After accomplishing the cross country voyage, nothing has scared or intimidated me at all. I feel like there is nothing that will stop me on this adventure home. Of course I’m still going to be safe on the trip and make good decisions, but weather, intimidation, fear and anxiety will not be a factor at all.

Anyways, here are some photos of the Grand Canyon:






IMG_201408016495I’m not very photogenic.

I will be adding more photos when I return home. It is too difficult to resize, upload and insert photos on mobile.

I stayed way too late at the Grand Canyon. I had to drive home in the dark. It was also very very cold. I was shivering for the entire hour back. I had to keep reaching down and grabbing the exhaust pipes/engine to warm my hands. I would position myself so that the wind blew hot air from the engine on my legs. It was not a pleasant experience. I finally arrived at the hotel, shivering, and in a horrible mood.

Checking in, the host told me about his trip from CA to NY to Alaska. Looks like I know my next destination for summer of 2015.

After checking in, I grabbed food at a diner..I got some spicy chicken penne. Spicy food sounds good when you’ve lost a lot of body heat. I can’t wait. I’ve burned up so much energy riding in the cold.

After food, time for bed. I need to get some tools tomorrow to adjust the chain. It finally stretched out since it was replaced.