Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 21: Pushing east towards Missouri (again)

Post dedication: This post is dedicated to Patti, Dave and Megan. They gave me a very generous donation that will help get me home. Thanks guys!

Last night was uneventful, but I’m completely fine with that. Met some locals at a dive bar and hung out with them for a little bit. They were interested in NY culture. After a few exchanges of stories and an explanation of my trip, I decided to head back and call it an early night.

Today I’m heading towards a campground in Missouri. I would have loved to go back to Katfish Katy’s on the Missouri River but that would waste time. Unfortunately, my trip is almost over.

Before I head out, I’ll be doing a bit of laundry at a laundromat. I’ve been putting it off, and if I want to have clean clothing for the next 3 days of camping, I’ll need some clean clothing.

Got to the laundromat and the woman saw my plates. She gave me a free wash cycle and free soap! It was very kind of her. All I have to do is pay for the dryer in a half hour. I’m going to spend this time filling in details from previous entries. I’m considering trying to write a book that outlines this trip. Time will tell.

A little girl came up to me and talked me into buying a lollipop from her. She’s going far in the business world. According to the worker at the desk, she sells quite a few.

Took a pit stop in Springfield, MO. I hung out at Panera for a while to recharge. It was a nice city from what I saw.

I also stopped there to snap this photo:


Couldn’t pull over again to grab it at exactly 30,000 miles, but you get the idea.

I arrived at the campsite around 4. I basically have the entire tent site to myself!


I’m not even going to set up the tent tonight. I’m rocking the hammock again.

I also arrived at the campsite to find a very generous donation from family friends, Patti, Dave, and Megan. I’ve known them my whole life. Thank you so much guys!


I went into town to check out a card shop. Ended up buying some valuable Magic: the Gathering cards for dirt cheap. Then I grabbed dinner. Came back to the campsite to relax by the pool and enjoy a campfire. I’ll be enjoying the fire once the sun sets.

Its been a great day. I can’t wait to hit the road tomorrow.