Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 23: Rain, rain, go away

Last night was fun. The rain was calming and enjoyable. However, cleanup was not fun. There is so much dirt everywhere. At least the motorcycle looks clean. It took a lot of time to pack up. I basically had to put everything together inside of the tiny tent. It was still raining as I got up. After what felt like an hour, everything was packed. I stupidly left my jeans outside. I’m going to take a ride into town and grab breakfast, and take the side roads to my next destination until my jeans dry off. They’re soaked. Worst part is that it is probably going to rain throughout the ride, so they will keep getting wet. I’m tempted to just wear them wet and hope for the best. I’ll make that decision after breakfast.

I stopped at Walmart to grab a second pair of jeans. They ended up being ‘skinny’ jeans. How do people wear these? They’re so restricting… On my way out an older guy noticed my NY plate. He gave me a quick history lesson on southern Illinois with organized crime and how the state formed politically. It was really cool. I found a breakfast cafe on route 50 that seemed cool. I made an awesome decision coming here. I struck up some conversation with two gentlemen, Herman and Bernie, about my motorcycle trip. They admired my courage for this trip. We talked about how a motorcycle can be a stress reliever and how amazing it is to ride one. Bernie was telling me how his wife made him get rid of his motorcycle at 65. He actually brought it over to his son’s house and sometimes takes a break from work during the day to squeeze in a ride. Such an awesome dude. They ended up buying me breakfast. I love small towns with a tight knit community. IMG_2014080751345 These are the kinds of stories I will remember most; the kindness of strangers.

Note: I have dial-up speeds on my phone. I’ll be adding pictures tomorrow when I get into town for breakfast. Taking the advice of Herman and Bernie, I took route 50 east to my camping area. When I merged onto 150 east, things got interesting. That road is so curvy and gorgeous, it was hard to balance control of the bike over distraction of the ride. I haven’t driven through a forest in a while, so it was refreshing.




Wound up at Hoosier National Park around 5. Got the tent set up and ready to go. Such a gorgeous place. It is completely silent except for one bird chirping. I haven’t experienced this level of silence in years. There is one other person camping here, but they aren’t here. They probably went into town for food. I hope they invite me to their campfire tonight if they have one. If not, I’ll just call it an early night.

I’ve almost finished the second book I brought along, ‘Its Not About the Coffee’ by Howard Behar. I briefly met him when he was a guest speaker at my job. Very cool guy. He’s got life figured out. He gave everyone a copy of his book during his visit. I just hadn’t found the time to read it until now. I’ll probably spend the rest of my daylight reading it in the hammock.