Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 24: Heading to Cincinnati again!

I think I’m heading to hang out with family in Cincinnati again. I really want to play some Magic: the Gathering competitively and I’m pretty sure there’s a tournament tonight at the card shop I previously visited. Wouldn’t mind playing. Today is rainy. Very rainy. My jeans are soaked, gear is sopping wet, and roads are dangerous. I’ve grown to like it 🙂 I stopped at the first diner I saw. The Ritz Restaurant in Paoli, IN. I love when everyone knows everyone as they walk in, but then a stranger like me comes in and tells his story. I hope it brings some good town discussion. I had grits for the first time. They are delicious, but you can taste how unhealthy they are. They are definitely a ‘never again’ type of food. Other such foods include fried oreos and scorpion. IMG_20140808_100549
IMG_2014080852502Look how gorgeous the weather is…After some brutal riding in the rain for about 200 miles, I made it to my destination. This ride was horrible. Every time water evaporated from my body (and took precious heat), more water took its place. I was shivering, and visibility was limited as well. I had to pull over to grab the exhaust pipes with my gloves to keep my fingers warm.

Although this sounds unpleasant and even discouraging to those wanting to take this type of adventure, you take the bad with the good. It was a privilege to drive through that hell, and arriving at my destination made it all the better. The thing to learn from these experiences is to constantly challenge yourself.

I spent the day hanging out with my two cousins, Dana and Russ, and Russ’s son Corbin at chuck e cheeses. Interesting place, very loud.

After, Dana and I went to play pool at a bar. Had so,e local beer and enjoyed ourselves. It was a good night to catch up with family.

Today I’m heading to Salt Fork Lake Park in Lore City, OH if they have availability. Otherwise I’ll just find something as I get out there. Worst case scenario I find a hotel, although I would prefer to not do that for the rest of the trip.

I’ve also planned out how my trip will be ending. I’ll be staying in Queens with some friends Pat and Claire, to celebrate the birthday of another friend, Liz. Hoping to see a lot of friends and share some great stories.