Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 25: You guessed it, pushing east!

Today is a late start kind of day. My cousin and I stayed up hanging out last night and had a blast. As a result, I slept in. I’m just heading out towards Salt Fork Lake Park. It seems that their campsite is booked but I should be fine just searching in the area. Having a NY plate becomes less interesting as you get closer to home. I miss people randomly approaching me and asking about my adventure. I should have made a sign to hang from the license plate. Oh well, lesson learned. I’m enjoying a nice breakfast with family, then hitting the road. Gotta do what I’ve been doing for a while; push west!

After a fantastic breakfast with family, I hit the road. It’s strange how this trip has enabled me to be less dependent on GPS technology. I just knew to head towards Wheeler, OH. Following the signs was simple. Not sure why I always had issues with this. Anyways, between day 23 and today, I lost the large pole for my tent. Great realization as you’ve finished driving for the day. I’m going to try for the hammock tonight anyways, and see if I can find a similar sized pole. Otherwise, I’ll just improvise like I did today: IMG_2014080930692

It will probably work…

Salt Fork State Park is gorgeous! I’m probably going to the beach to hang out for the evening, then coming back to my campsite once it gets dark. Looking forward to relaxing!

As my trip comes to an end, I’m finding that being on the road feels more and more natural. I can’t wait to start planning future destinations. I have tonight, tomorrow night, Monday night, and Tuesday night left for camping, followed by a friend’s birthday in new York City. Unless I get a crazy good deal on a hotel in Pittsburgh, I hope to camp the rest of the trip. It is so peaceful sleeping outside, and the smell of campfires aloneake it worth it. I’m currently at the lodge at Salt Fork State Park. I’ve decided to eat here so I don’t waste time running into town to get food. I’m starving. I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I’ve also decided what I’m going to do with this blog. I’m going to scrap the old blog on my website and make this the main blog(old blog will still be kept, but not updated anymore). WordPress is a lot easier than the older blogging system, Joomla. Joomla has its uses, but WordPress is so much easier on mobile. I’ll be dedicating the blog to tech reviews, motorcycle adventures, life experiences, and anything else that crosses my mind that warrants writing.

I decided to check out the beach, but didn’t go swimming. I just wasn’t feeling it. I instead kicked my feet up on the bike and read a good church of ‘Its Not About the Coffee’. Amazing book that teaches you how to respect people above all else.

IMG_2014080932176 When I got back I started a campfire and I’m currently laying around, enjoying it. Love these nights.

Ending the night with a campfire and going to bed early. I’m going to try and a replacement pole for the tent, or I I’ll need to figure out something. I’m in a pretty bad predicament if it rains!