Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 26: No planned stopping point, let’s wind up somewhere in PA! Side note: almost died today.

I slept in today. Couldn’t sleep well. The tent, now missing the main support arch, kept trapping heat in the tent. I also didn’t want to sleep in the hammock, it was raining slightly outside.

I packed everything up and went into Cambridge, OH to get some food. Turns out no one likes eating in that town on a Sunday. Everywhere that served food either wasn’t open until noon or were simply closed. I tried 6 places. I decided to grab a small snack cake at a gas station and just hit the road.

Wound up in a Eat N Park in Triadelphia, WV. I’ve never been to one before so I figure I’d try it out.

Not sure where I’ll head today, all I know is that I am staying in Philadelphia on Tuesday night to enjoy a Philly Cheesesteak or three.


On the way east, I almost was involved in a pretty serious accident. A jeep tried to avoid a fallen water tank in the road, hit a truck carrying a trailer, and both vehicles crashed through the median into oncoming traffic. This happened about 20 feet in front of me, so I was a little shooken up after having s front row seat to the accident. I pulled over and ran across the median to see if everyone was alright. Thankfully they were, and we had to then off the guy’s truck because gas and other fluids were pouring into the road. Scary stuff.



After about an hour of helping move debris from the road and making sure everything is alright, I was instructed to go on my way.

I think seeing that happened triggered my body to be done with riding for the day. Next gas stop, I stopped in Somerset and I’m calling it a night. Way too much stress to keep pushing forward, and I’ve got plenty of time to get home.

Tomorrow I will be camping, and the day after, my goal is to get a philly cheesesteak. After that, a night in NYC and then I’ll be home the next day.