Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 27: Last night camping

Tonight will be my last night camping. Tomorrow will be either in Philadelphia or NYC, depending on how everything plays out. I grabbed breakfast at a local diner, loved the ‘small town’ feel. Then hit the road. PA roads are gorgeous when the weather is nice. I got through 3 tunnels and got to see some beautiful wooded mountains. I stopped at a rest stop since I was making such good time, and was able to enjoy a nice coffee and de-stress from yesterday. I’m not shaken up, but more reflective on the whole thing. I’m staying at French Creek State Park tonight. Google Maps reviews spoke highly of it. I can’t wait.

Arriving at the site, I fell in love with the campground. So gorgeous and quiet. I tried fixing up the tent situation by using a 50 foot nylon rope. It works quite well and should hold up against the rain.





Also got to ride up and down this road a few times: