Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 29: Last stop before home, doing it the right way!

Last night was fun, got to tell my story to a few people I just met. Good people, one of them wants to take a road bicycle across the US. Crazy dude.

Today I move the bike to a friend’s driveway in Brooklyn, then finally to Astoria to a friend’s apartment complex, and we will be celebrating the birthday of a friend. ¬†After that, it’s a straight trip home in the morning.

That’s the only update I’ll be making. Today, nothing too important. Possibly some pictures will be added at the end of the trip.

Tiny update:

We ended up eating at Phebe’s restaurant and eventually headed to the Barcade, a bar that had quarter machines from the 80s and 90s. Truly amazing place. I spent so much money on retro games. I wish my local town had one of these, I would be there strictly for throwing away quarters.


Horribly quality, the camera had a hard time in low light.


This arcade game was such a huge influence on my life in the 90s. Good to still see them running.