Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Days after – Reflecting on the journey

On July 15th, I departed for a crazy adventure, quite possibly the greatest adventure of my life. I was scared, but excited for the challenge. What could I expect as I pulled out of the driveway? Well, only the motorcycle could show me.

Throughout this trip, I experienced a lot of awesome things that I hope I’ll never forget. I had a healthy mix of city and nature, family and strangers, ┬áplanned and unplanned experiences.

Being home felt weird the first couple days. I already missed being the road, excited to see what my sleeping arrangement would be for the night, who I would meet along the way, what I would do when I got to my destinatiom, etc. At home things are predictable and routine, which is nice. I definitely missed having order in my life.

The weirdest thing was getting into a car and driving it for the first time in a month. It took me a few minutes to realize how weird it is being in a vehicle with such restricting views. It felt safer, but at the time frustrating to drive.

The bike needs some work, a lot of work actually. The front sprocket is worn down beyond the point of suggested replacement, I’ll need new tires soon, the underside needs to be cleaned thoroughly, and I need to do another oil change. I have to say how impressed I am that the bike made it through 110 degree weather, over the Rocky Mountains, through LA traffic, back through 110 degree weather, and even made it through some NYC driving without any issues. At 17 years old, Honda sure has made a good engine.

I feel very accomplished from this trip. I’ve definitely sparked a desire for travel and adventure that may prove to be a little too ambitious, but I’m okay with that.

Here is a list of some of the notable memories I’ve had on motorcycle:

  • Camped in Pennsylvania woods
  • ┬áChecked out Buckeye Brewery in Ohio
  • Saw family in Ohio
  • Experienced Kentucky nightlife
  • Camped on the outskirts of St. Louis
  • Experienced St. Louis culture, including seeing the arch, hanging out with locals, and rode around the city for a while
  • Camped on the Missouri river
  • Checked out Kansas City for the day
  • Camped in Kansas
  • Explored Denver
  • Drove over the Rocky Mountains on motorcycle
  • Drove through Utah heat
  • Spent two nights in Las Vegas
  • Saw the Blue Man Group
  • Reached the Pacific Coast in California
  • ‘Split lanes’ in Los Angeles (if you’ve driven a motorcycle you get how cool this sounds)
  • Reached the Grand Canyon on motorcycle
  • Saw Meteor Crater
  • Saw the Petrified Forest National Park
  • Outran a western storm that could have been horrible
  • Camped in Palo Duro Canyon in Texas, the second largest canyon in the country
  • Camped in the Eldon Hazlet State Park in Illinois
  • Camped in Hoosier National Forest in Indiana
  • Drove through 6 hours of a thunderstorm
  • Hung out with family again in Ohio
  • Camped in Salt Fork Lake Park in Ohio, the largest state park in the state
  • Narrowly avoided a major car accident
  • Camped in French Creek State Park
  • Visited friends in New York City
  • Experienced driving through 110 degree weather in full gear
  • Experienced early signs of hypothermia in rainstorms and mountain areas
  • Made awesome friends along the way
  • Drove over 6500 miles in total

It has been quite the adventure.


Here is the location history according to Google Maps: