Life Experience and Motorcycle: DIY Motorcycle Work

Motorcycles can be very easy to repair. Often, the vehicle is made as simple as possible to save on weight. The motorcycle is basically 2 wheels, a chain(or other drive shaft), an engine, some simple electrical components, brakes, lights and a starter.


When I first got my 97 VF750C, I wanted to become more handy with the device. I always heard the phrase “Ducati’s turn bikers into mechanics”, meaning that they have issues with parts breaking or wearing down, and they are repaired by the owners. I took this as a challenge to learn the basics of a motorcycle. So far, I have done the following:

  • Changed the oil
  • Replaced the countershaft sprocket(front gear that moves the chain, and eventually the wheel)
  • Diagnosed an electrical problem and replaced the regulator/rectifier
  • Adjusted the chain
  • Diagnosed and fixed exposed wiring that kept blowing fuses

Doing the work is easy. The manual with the bike explains a lot, and there are support forums all over the internet. Youtube also helps with figuring out what to do, as I am able to watch tutorials a few times to see the approach.