Lifestyle Change: Drinking Tea Every Day

Tea has been a beverage of choice for thousands of years. I got into tea after killing my addiction to coffee. The sugar and dependency on caffeine from coffee was just not a healthy choice, and I wanted to change my lifestyle habits to allow for a healthier intake of beverages. I did some research and found that tea has some very strong antioxidant properties, and also helps with concentration, energy and overall health.

Currently, I alternate between many different types of tea. I drink white tea, black chai, and green tea. I got into black chai tea when I was trying to break my coffee habit. The thing about tea is once you get over the initial taste without added sugar, you really develop an appreciation for this tea. It has a good flavor, but still had caffeine in it. I wanted to kick that habit, even though the black tea I was drinking had roughly 1/3 of the caffeine as a cup of coffee. I still found myself dependent on that little “kick” in the morning.


After I started appreciating tea and was able to kick the coffee/caffeine habit, I moved to green tea. It is absolutely delicious, especially with a dash of honey added. Green tea has some very strong antioxidants which is an investment in myself. Cancer terrifies me, and regularly drinking a delicious drink that fights cancer was a great way to push for a healthier lifestyle.

Eventually, I took the plunge and ordered a large box of white tea. White tea is slightly bitter, and has an odd taste, especially to someone who doesn’t drink much tea. However, it is recommended as the strongest of teas with anticancer properties. I try to drink this at least once a week. I love the taste, but I really like mixing up my teas throughout the week.

In addition to replacing coffee and fighting cancer, I have noticed some other aspects of tea in my life. Here are some of the benefits I have experienced:

  • More energy, surprisingly. I have more energy throughout the day when I put less caffeine in my body.
  • Controlled appetite. I get full faster, and I overeat less. Tea helps me avoid eating comfort food, or at least controls the intake.
  • Weight loss. Potentially due to the above two effects, but has definitely assisted with me getting into good shape.
  • Great conversation with people. People who drink tea have great conversations, potentially better conversation over a cocktail or beer.
  • Learning. I did a lot of research about tea, specifically how it works, the biology of the plant, how it is grown, harvested and produced, and even this little trick you can do with a teabag.

If anyone is curious of the types of tea that I order, it can actually be ordered on Amazon:

Green Tea

White Tea

Black Chai Tea