Turkey 2015: Last Days in Istanbul – 8/14/15 Through 8/19/15

After we returned, we were exhausted. It was such an amazing trip, but we ran out of energy (and money). We decided that we needed to get in some final tourism, exploring the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Other than that, Serra had some family obligations and small errands to run.

The Topkapi Palace was gorgeous, but way overpacked with tourism. Apparently the palace was featured in a popular TV show, and people wanted to see it because of the TV show.

Pictures were minimal for me, because security kept pushing people to move quickly to see exhibits, which was quite frustrating. I did get a few photos though:


Entrance to the palace



Another view of the area. This was one of dozens of palace buildings.




One of the walkways

After, we decided to see the Blue Mosque. This place was gorgeous, and had some very interesting culture. Women covered their bodies, men couldn’t wear shorts, and you had to remove your shoes.



The mosque was so gorgeous and quiet. You could feel the energy of the building.

After the Blue Mosque, we headed back home to take it easy.


The next day, we also rested and prepared for me to meet more people. I met some of Serra’s friends and we hung out at an apartment. The area was amazing, and we had a fantastic time.


Fantastic view


Also, at one point during the travels in the city, we took a ferry. Aside from the ferry almost crashing into a rock wall(they had an issue with the rudder), we also passed the Maiden’s Tower, a famous landmark in the bosphorus between Europe and Asia.


Maiden's Tower

Maiden’s Tower


Oh? What’s this? Is it a proposal?

She said yes!

She said yes!

This was seen from the ferry. It was a really cute event to witness, but now every guy on the ferry with his girlfriend now has to top that.


Friday night, I took out Serra’s family to thank them for the hospitality. It was a fantastic time on the bosphorus waterfront. The food was amazing and the people were awesome.


Our table


The view


The awesome people!

Saturday night, we went to Taksim, a very popular area for shopping and celebration later in the night. Walking around, there were some great places to shop. I got some cool shirts and saw some neat stuff. I also tried Kokorec, which is lamb intestine.

It was delicious

It was delicious

We arrived at a bar that serves specialty shots, all of which were low alcohol and had a theme like fruits, sweet&sour, and other types of shots. I stayed clear of most of them and had some Turkish beer instead.


These were shared among 8 to 10 people


Their second round. I tried one but stuck to beer. Too sugary for my tastes. You can see the menu at the back.


At the end of the night, we grabbed some food for the ride back. We got something called a Wetburger, which was a greasy grilled/fried burger. Reminded me very much of White Castle, except much better.



That night ended fun. The areas played some pop music, and slowly turned more into Turkish music, which is awesome by the way.


On our last night, Serra’s parents took us out for dinner. This area was an island on the bosphorus that was on the dividing line between Asia and Europe. It was great to sit down and have conversation with them. They’re really nice people and had a great sense of humor. We spent the night enjoying great food and awesome company.


Awesome people!


There was an awesome sign where you could stand on both continents at the same time.


Close enough

Close enough



This was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to return to Turkey. Maybe next year!