Tech Review: AllReli Wireless Fast Charger

Wireless charging is no new technology, but in terms of mobile devices, people are finally seeing the value. This product review is for the AllReli Wireless Fast Charger.



This device allows a user to plug their charger into this pad, and it will wireless charge it while set on top of the pad. Using the charging power, it creates a magnetic field that the phone uses to charge the phone. Please note your phone must have wireless charging capabilities or a capable battery cover.

What’s In the Box?


Inside, you get the wireless charger, usb cable, and instruction manual. This is really all you need for the functions. I chose to use my own USB cable since it is longer than the one provided.




Placing the phone on the charging pad allows it to charge. It’s that simple! Just be careful because if you don’t place the phone directly on the charger, it will not charge. Don’t worry though, there’s a green indicator light that shows when the phone is charging.

While testing out the charger, I was able to charge my phone pretty quickly. It won’t do a rapid charge, but it is fast enough to be your main charger.


This device is awesome! I plan to keep two or three of these around in various areas such as the kitchen or living room so I can conveniently charge my phone while not worry about plugging in the charger. Also, this eliminates the possibility of damaging your phone charging port (an irrational fear of mine!). It’s worth getting if your phone supports wireless charging!


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