Tech Review: Omaker Dual Port USB Charger

If you travel half as much as I do, you know that having a charger dedicated to a travel bag can save a lot of headaches. Today I will be reviewing the Omaker Dual Port USB Charger.

The charger included has two USB ports, both capable of Qualcomm 2.0 Quickcharging. It basically means that this device can charge a device quicker than older chargers. This technology is vital for smartphones, since phone batteries die quickly, and we can’t wait around for 4 hours tethered to a wall for a phone to charge.



The charger comes with a Micro-USB cable, which is great to add to the travel bag for me. The cable is short, but it’s a free cable, so who can complain?

The charger has flip-out prongs, which allow it to be stored safely in a travel bag without fear of it scratching or damaging anything. Opening the prongs is easy, you just push your thumbnail into the hinge, and it pops right out!





The charger did a great job charging my phone. I went from 50% to 70% in about 25 minutes. That’s the kind of charging I need while on the go. In fact, I had both ports sending power to devices at the same time (charging an external battery) and it still delivered good quality charge to both devices.



Overall, this is a great travel device. It will definitely come in handy on the go, and could even replace your single-port charger, making the included charger a good travel device.


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