Tech Review: Omaker USB Type C Cable

My Nexus 6P came with a 3 foot USB Type C cable for charging. While it works just fine, I need more length to successfully use my phone while charging it. When Omaker reached out to me for a product review of a 6.6 foot USB Type C Cable, I was very excited.


Omaker is a reputable brand for electronics. I’ve been reviewing their products for years. Every time, the samples are top quality, customer support is fantastic, and their team is professional. This product was the exact same experience.

The cable provided has some notable features that gadget enthusiasts will love:

  • 6.6 foot length
  • Matte gray color
  • Nylon weave around the cable
  • Sturdy design
  • Light weight

The cable is a perfect length and quality for someone who travels a lot, or even someone who leaves their phone on the charger overnight and uses it through the day.



The cable fits perfectly in my phone and shows no signs of weakness or cheap quality. Check the following photos for more details:




Click here to buy the Omaker 6.6ft USB Type C Cable