Tech Review: iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Headphones

Word on the street is that smartphones are starting to drop the headphone port. This paves the way for specialized ports on phones via charging port, or bluetooth headphones. Today’s product review is for the iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Headphones.

What’s In the Box?

In the box, we get the following items:

  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Charging Cable
  • Various Ear Pieces
  • Instruction Manual




These headphones have a clunky appearance, but are actually quite compact. The look and feel gives an awkward feeling, but that will be approached in the performance section.

You get three types of earbud plugs, and all three actually worked on me. I decided to keep the middle-sized ones on, as I liked them the most.


Performance with these headphones is fantastic! First off, the sound quality is amazing for bluetooth headphones. Often, there is an issue with connectivity when the headphones are placed awkwardly in relation to the phone (signals can’t reach the receiver), but these headphones had great range and I couldn’t get the signal to disrupt in any way.

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The charging port was really easy to find and open up, and the cable fits right in. You could even use these while wearing the headphones, but I would not advise that, especially since the battery lasts so long. I was able to squeeze 8 hour of use from these at a pretty loud volume.

As for comfort, the headphones fit perfectly on my ears. That “awkardness” I described earlier is actually the reason why these fit so nice; they contour the ears just right. Also, after extensive running and shaking of my head, the headphones would not fall off.


These headphones are great if you need a new pair, want something that looks cool, or just want to upgrade from wired headphones. I’ll warn you, once you go wireless, you don’t go back!


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