Tech Review: AllReli Mechanical Programmable Gaming Keyboard

While I am not a gamer, I can appreciate and analyze gaming accessories. Understanding how these devices can help a player enjoy a gaming experience in a more immersive way is getting more and more popular as PC gaming becomes more popular. Today’s review is for the AllReli Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.




What’s In the Box

In the box, you get the gaming keyboard, installation CD and instruction manual. These are all you really need for such a device.



First impressions of the keyboard are amazing. The USB cable is a good length and has a nylon weave around the cable. This helps strengthen the cable against breaking and gives a premium feel.

The keyboard itself is really cool. Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days, which basically translates to the keys having small compression springs that give a satisfying “click” as the person presses a key. The feedback is great for gaming, and makes the device feel premium quality.

All keys press nicely, the keyboard has a nice rubber bottom to prevent slippage, and the lights add a very fun flavor to the gaming setup. As an added bonus, the space bar is right where your thumb lands, and there is also a pad for your palm as shown below:



Performance & Customization

As stated above, I am not a gamer anymore. Those days are long gone. However, I do pick up the occasional game to enjoy. While playing Bioshock Infinite, I noticed myself immediately picking up on the ergonomics of the device. My palm rested on the pad in the right spot, my thumb landed on the space bar, and my fingers extended to each key perfectly.

Another key element of the keyboard is the ability to program the lights and macros. With the lights, I was able to program some various settings that made the key lighting behave differently. Check the settings below:

k1 k2 k3

In addition to the lighting, I touched base on the macros. With this keyboard, you can program key-press combinations to behave how you like. For example, you could program the “1” button to press the key associated with throwing a grenade and then immediately jumping. In some games, being able to set these off together at the same time could be very beneficial. Often, gamers benefit from being able to program certain key-presses as macros.


This thing is really cool. While it won’t function as a full keyboard, this is a must-have accessory for any gamer trying to play with some new toys. I got my device for $60 on sale on Amazon. For the price tag, you may want to look at AllReli’s other keyboards, but at the same time you won’t get a colorful programmable experience like this. If you really want to have a rainbow gaming pad, grab this device!


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