Tech Review: TechElec Micro-USB Cables (3.3ft and 6.6ft)

You can never have enough USB cables for your phone, gps, external battery, action camera, and any other device. Thankfully, we can purchase them online, but recent news has shown that many USB cables are not safe or can damage your device due to lack of product quality. I’m here to help with a product review of TechElec Micro-USB Cables (3.3ft and 6.6ft)

This review will cover both cables as a product review. You will notice a switch between the black and gold cables, but ultimately they have the same level of quality.


The Dual-Cabled Review:

Let’s get this out there first; these cables are GREAT quality. I will be using these as main cables for my USB batteries from now on. These cables have some very nice notable features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance – the cables look really nice. They have a modern tech-y finish and really bring the appearance together as a USB cable. The rose-gold colored one is a little less appealing to me since my phone is black, but anyone who loves that color will really appreciate this. TechElec, you should really make one of these for the iPhone!
  • Braided Nylon – Each cable is covered with a nylon braid. This not only looks great, as mentioned above, but also adds support and a smooth-feel to the cables. Expect less snagging on other rubber or skin!
  • Great endpiece quality – These cables click nicely into USB ports and really look great. Clearly a lot of thought went into designing such a simple component of the cable.








I really cannot express how amazing the finish is on the black and white cable. The feel was great in my hands and really made it feel like I was holding one of those “super-expensive-cables-that’s-way-overpriced-because-of-one-small-detail” kind of cables. It was a $10 cable instead of a small fortune.

The cables also roll up nicely and have a velcro piece. My only complaint is that the velcro piece is a little difficult to remove from the USB cable when not in use. I suppose I could remove it permanently, but that would only be handy if I didn’t like rolling up my cables properly.



Anyways, there’s really not that much more to say. These cables are great, safe, click into place nicely, have a nice finish and have a fantastic aesthetic appearance.


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