Tech Review: AllReli M515 Programmable Gaming Mouse

Gaming computers are getting more and more popular as time goes on. Today’s review is for the AllReli M515 Programmable Gaming Mouse.


The first thing we notice on the product is the basic packaging. I like when packages get right to the point. It means the company doesn’t waste money on packaging and can pass on savings to you. Inside the box we get the gaming mouse, instruction manual, and driver installation disc.


The focus is obviously on the mouse. There are a few great things worth noting on this mouse:

  • The grip is fantastic on the mouse
  • The side buttons fit very comfortably against the thumb
  • The nylon-woven USB cable is fantastic
  • The AllReli emblem is on the mouse


Inspecting the mouse some more, we find there is an on/off switch for the lights of the mouse. This is great, because sometimes we do not need the mouse lighting up in a dark area.


The lighting of the mouse is very bright and looks great! In daylight, it looks great. At night, the light really brings together the “gaming aesthetics” of the mouse. Combine this with a keyboard and back-lit monitor, and you have a very cool looking rig!




There is a large assortment of colors availabe for choosing. The interface is very cool actually, as you can change the behavior of the lights on the mouse. I chose the “breathing” red pulse as my final choice. Speaking of customization, there are some great ways the mouse can be configured to meet your needs.

First thing to note is the DPI button on the mouse. This is used to adjust the sensitivity of the pointer on the screen in relation to moving the mouse. There are five modes you can switch between, and you can customize it even further once you install the driver software.

The driver software allows for the following features:

  • Customize the DPI settings
  • Customize the color of the mouse
  • Customize the animation of the light on the mouse
  • Customize macro commands to attach complex button presses to a single button







Here are some closer shots of the mouse so you can check it out:






This mouse is fantastic when you consider cost, quality, comfort and customization. If you need a cheaper gaming mouse that still performs well and looks great, this is a great option to consider. You can purchase the mouse here.