Tech Review: Masione Multicolored Gaming Keyboard

Recently I’ve been reviewing gaming peripherals for computers. Today continues the pattern! The review for today is for the Masione Multicolored Gaming Keyboard.


When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are a few factors that really bring the device together. First, the device must feel nice as the keys are pressed. It needs the “goldilocks” level of pressure and sensitivity. The second factor is how it feels on the wrists and hands over long periods of use. The third factor is obviously how cool it looks. In this review, we will explore all three.


After plugging in the keyboard, the keys lit up and showed an awesome animation. I really liked how cool the keyboard looks, but we’ll touch base on that later. While using the keyboard to write this review, the feedback is great. The keyboard almost feels mechanical, but not quite. This is actually fine, as it gives a “soft mechanical feel”. I find this important because I can catch my typos quicker when I type on a keyboard that is comfortable on my fingers. Too soft, and you lose that feedback and aren’t as sure that your accuracy was up to par.


The second factor, which concerns wrist and hand comfort, is the next factor worth reviewing. Using the keyboard feels nice. I’m often more comfortable with a raised back of the keyboard, so I decided to go right for that.


On the back of the keyboard, there were two feet that open up to raise and angle the keyboard as needed. The feet tuck away into the keyboard, but also pop out and provide rubberized feet to keep it secure on the table. While the rubber feet were small, they did a great job of keeping it still and stopped any slippage within reason.

Finally, let’s take a look at the appearance. I’ll let the photos do the work:







Finally, there was also an included reference sheet for shortcuts. Take a careful look, as these functions really offer some cool flexibility!


The lights are amazing in the dark. In regular light, they still look fantastic! This gaming keyboard is pretty sweet for the price. Definitely worth taking a look, and definitely worth grabbing as a keyboard that looks and feels great.


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