Tech Review: Omaker W4 Portable Bluetooth Ultra-Compact Speaker

Before I got one, I never saw the use of the portable speakers. After bringing them hiking, biking, climbing, hammock-ing, etc. I found the speakers to be an amazing part of the trip. Find the right music, and you can really enjoy the speakers in almost every scenario. This product review is for such a product. We are looking at the Omaker W4 Portable Bluetooth Ultra-Compact Speaker.


What’s In the Box

Inside the box you receive the following items:

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Caribeaner Clip
  • Mesh Carrying Bag
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable

You get a really nice bag with the speaker and clip. I really like how the case is provided, yet the cost doesn’t carry over to the speaker itself.

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This speaker actually has one less feature than most bluetooth speakers. You don’t get the audio-in cable provided. However, I have NEVER found myself even using that port once. For me, that’s an upgrade since it is one less component to take up room in the speaker, making it smaller.

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The device charges from any USB power source, and charges pretty fast. Sporting a smaller battery at 1050mAh, it can last 12 hours. I believe the biggest thing you end up trading for a smaller size is the bass. The bass is still there and fantastic, but you won’t get the speaker vibrating itself off your table. For me, a portable speaker shouldn’t have intense bass like so many music-listeners demand.

The device sports only one button and relies on your system’s bluetooth volume, which is what a phone should do. Some speakers actually ave their separate volume controls and it ends up making the user guess as to which component is at the lower volume.

The caribeaner clip is really nice as it leaves the cube speaker hanging at an angle, which makes the sound great if it points in your general direction. On my backpack, I was able to still hear the music just fine. Be warned, it takes some time to get that keyring clip attached to the speaker, but it will probably never come off after.


Is it Worth It?

To me, portable speakers are a must-have, just like a USB battery. I’m excited to bring this on my adventures as a tiny thing to toss into my backpack. I’ll often leave the larger speakers home unless I know I’ll need them.

This is totally worth it, and I even got in contact with Omaker (we go way back) and got a coupon code that’s good for the next couple days. I’d really appreciate if you would spread word!

Coupon Code:Ā PMTN2ETB (brings it down to $17.99 instead of $26.99)


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