Tech Review: iMuto Compact 16,750 mAh 3-Port USB External Battery

Pokemon Go fans, I have found your savior. Imagine being able to hold onto a power brick that charges your phone up to FIVE times over! Such a product does indeed exist, and we’re going to review it right here: We’re looking at the iMuto 16750 mAh External USB Battery.




What’s Included

With this product, you get the essentials:

  • iMuto USB Battery
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Velvet Case
  • Instruction Manual

At first glance, the USB battery seems thick. Hold it in your hand and you’ll realize that it’s not as bad as it looks. It still fits in my pocket, it isn’t too heavy, and it’s not clunky. I’ll let the following photos do the talking:

20160926_175308 20160926_175315 20160926_175337


Very smooth corners


Fits great in the hand


Edges are smooth, button is flush with the battery


Charging cable is on the side. Also notice the smoothness of the battery

The display screen is bright and powerful, the button is nice and smooth so it won’t accidentally be turned on repeatedly, the USB ports are all evenly spaced, and the charging port is properly placed on the side and towards a corner.

Okay, let’s go back to the USB ports. This charger has THREE charging ports on it, and yes all three can work at once. I REALLY like the USB-C charging port, as my phone runs off of that. I can now just bring a double-sided USB-C cable with me, a fast charger, and this battery and be perfectly set for all of my needs. Yes, the USB-C port can be used to charge the device. It’s really really cool and the future of USB interactions hopefully.

Aside from that, the gold/black color tone really lets this device shine. It looks classy and tough, which are the two things I like in a USB battery.



Holy crap, the battery on this device is hard to kill! Seriously, I played Pokemon Go on my phone all day, charged a friend’s iPhone twice, and was only at 49% at the end of the day. I could not believe it. This battery is a BEAST.



Like I said, performance is AWESOME. As for the charging, I was not used to waiting over an hour to charge my battery at 50%, but we are dealing with a lot of mAh. 16750 mAh takes a while to charge and that’s fine with me.

One hiccup I had was charging two devices at once from the battery. The battery got pretty warm and had to shut down. In all fairness, the battery was in my pocket in a pair of jeans that were rather thick, so I definitely insulated the battery before it could cool off. After about 15 minutes the battery cooled off quickly and was ready for round 2. Once again, realize that I insulated the battery while it was charging two things. We charged the devices later that day as well and had no issues when the battery was out of my pocket.


Is It Worth It?

Yes. Yes it is absolutely worth the peace of mind for never having to worry about powering your phone. I would take two of these on a week-long camping trip and never have to worry about a dying phone. Throw in a solar panel USB charger and I’d be set.


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