Tech Review: 1ByOne USB Gaming Headset


Gaming headsets are getting very popular, especially with the surge in people who have abandoned gaming consoles for the more customizable PC. Let’s take a look at the 1ByOne USB Gaming Headset


The gaming headset looks awesome. It has a cool red accent that also glows. Let’s look at some photos:


The packaging was nice, and held everything firmly in place.


When plugged in, the headphones light up a very bright and vivid color of red. It looks very cool!


The microphone also has a slight red glow, and retracts (more on this later)


Inside the headphones look very comfortable and have a jersy-like material on the inside.




The red USB cabling really brings the look together.



These headphones work great. Focusing on the structure of the headphones, the soft loop that rests on your head is comfortable, yet gives a firm grip around your head. Above that, there are two support bars (and also a path for the headphone cabling to be strung across) that give great support without losing aesthetics.

The headphone material fits snugly around your ears and eliminates outside noise. The jersey-like material inside is also nice if your ears stick out.

With a nylon-weave USB cable, you can be sure nothing will grip against your skin or clothing, and the cabling wraps up nicely. The USB port is firm as well.

Finally, let’s look at the volume slider:



Although it is a little big and bulky, it does allow you to alter the volume very quickly. There is also a button for the microphone and the overall lights. These two features are a must-have in my opinion.


These headphones are amazing. I always liked how USB headsets sounded better, and it allows for some more convenient placement for USB cables.

I listened to some high quality music, some Youtube videos, and some other audio snippets around the internet. I did the “virtual haircut” and it was very convincing!

The mic quality was also great. Don’t expect the quality of a professional mic, but the audio quality did deliver well.




This is a great budget microphone, and if your computer likes the color red, this is probably the perfect match! The quality is fantastic when concerning both the physical build and the sound. For the price, you can’t go wrong!


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