Product Review: 1ByOne Body Fat Scale with Glass Surface

Winter is coming. So are the calories! Thankfully, many products exist to help track out weight and health habits. Up for review is the 1ByOne Body Fat Scale with Glass Surface.


First off, it was very difficult to capture pictures that show off the true glossiness of the scale. It looks great, but cameras cannot capture the look. Keep that in mind for this review.

Inside, we get the scale and the instruction manual. Nothing else is needed, although batteries would have been a great thing to include. It runs off of three AAA batteries, which are common. Honestly, I’m surprised we don’t see these scales running off of a USB-rechargeable internal battery, but that’s probably something we will see in the near future.

img_0139 img_0140 img_0141 img_0142

Using the Scale

This scale is pretty cool, and it was very easy to get the system up and running. I found the following features just by navigating the scale:

  • Tells your weight (obviously)
  • Scans body fat by those metal plates
  • Allows up to 10 different user profiles for a very large family, and includes the following details:
    • Gender
    • Athletic or Non-Athletic build
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Body Fat Percentage
  • Can be set to both metric and imperial units

img_0151 img_0150 img_0149 img_0148


Using the scale was very easy. The buttons at the top react to light touch and the menu is very easy to navigate through. Choosing profiles is just as easy and can be easily entered by each member. Why we would use 10 people, I do not know, but having that many options is great!

The body fat sensor is also very accurate. I recently had this done by a doctor’s visit and the numbers were very close (give a couple weeks to change the percentage, especially during the fall weather and everything pumpkin flavored!).

The only area of improvement I could really see in this scale is in two key factors. First, I’d love a matte colored scale so less smudging happens on the glass. This is fine though, because it wipes off easily and the smudging doesn’t happen on the display section. The other minor complaint is that the batteries go in a little awkward. You’ll probably experience this issue once or twice in the life of the scale, so I wouldn’t worry. It wasn’t an issue, but rather a minor inconvenience fishing out the batteries. Putting them all in one line would have been preferred.


If you’re looking for a scale that gives you multiple user profiles, a sensor for body fat, and a nice glass finish, check out this scale by clicking the image below: