Tech Review: Voxlink Blue USB-C Nylon Coated Cables


USB-C Cables are slowly replacing the Micro-USB ports quickly. Having to port everything over to the new standard is a pain, but also necessary. For me, I need a cable in every bag, desk, station and vehicle. If I don’t have it, I feel vulnerable. Let’s take a look at the Voxlink USB-C Cable 3 Pack.


The 3 pack of cables each come in a separate bag. Each are bundled by a clear rubber band.


Immediately, you notice the quality of the USB cables. They are thin and look great. The blue/camo look really brings together the look on these. They almost make me want to buy a blue case for my phone to match.


The cable ports are branded nicely. Nothing too over the top, and the plastic rings that connect to the cabling are really sturdy. These will take a beating before fraying or becoming unresponsive.


The cable ends are nice. They snap nicely into USB ports and my phone. The clicking is very satisfying and gives the feeling of a secure grip.


The last thing to note is the nylon cabling. The pattern is very cyberpunk and really brings together the look. The nylon coating also prevents the cable from snagging on things like clothing or skin. Just be careful, as these coatings tend to attract dirt and dust. Since you’re getting three of them though, it isn’t a big issue.


The Bottom Line

These USB-C cables are perfect for having extras on hand. For the price, they’re great! I’m going to leave some of these in my car and bags so I always have an emergency cable. I might even use one as my main cable, as my old ones are a little stiff. Click the image below to buy these cables on Amazon: