Tech Review: 1ByOne Ergonomic USB Mouse

If you suffer from any hand cramps from using a mouse all day, it may be the shape/form of the mouse that is causing the pain. It’s definitely worth checking out the 1ByOne Ergonomic USB Mouse.


The mouse comes in a small box and online includes the mouse and an instruction manual. This is all you need.


The mouse has somewhat of a round feel to it, and includes 6 buttons:

  • Left click
  • Right Click
  • Scroll Wheel
  • DPI Change
  • Back
  • Forward


The forward and back buttons exist on the side so your thumb uses it. Once you get used to this kind of mouse, you cannot stop using the buttons. They really help bring together the feeling of having more control and readiness to do a lot more while on a computer.


The bottom of the mouse has some nicely placed low-friction pads to help the mouse move smoothly. Movement is great with this mouse!


The mouse feels amazing in my hand. There is a comfort that most other mice cannot provided.

As for the DPI change button, there are multiple colors that represent the sensitivity on the mouse. This is really cool, as you can memorize each color sensitivity and quickly toggle as needed.


After using the mouse for a few hours to browse Reddit, I didn’t feel the pain that I normally feel that tells me to get off the internet for the day. Instead, I could keep going. Buyer beware, you may spend even more time on a computer than expected! If it’s for work, this is great! Click the image below to buy it on Amazon: