Tech Review: ZNT Micro-USB Cable 6 Pack

I’m back to review some more USB cables! You can never have enough, so let’s take a look at some more! This time, we’re looking at the ZNT Micro-USB Cables that are designed to be ergonomic for removal from a USB port.


Inside the box, you get one 0.3m cable, three 1m cables, and two 2m cables. These lengths are perfect for spare/side cables, especially in a car or for your phone charger. I’ll be taking the o.3m and a 1m cable with me in my bag for tech work.



The cables have a great feel. The rubber coating makes them feel strong and firm, yet will allow flex in the wire without doing damage. The key aspect of these cables is how nice they plug ends feel in your hand. There are dimples in the cable ends that give you a lot of control while inserting the ends into a PC, charger, or phone.


The dimple feels good in the hand and gives a better grip.


On the other side, we have a solid micro-USB end. The pins look good and the cable “clicks” into devices nicely.


There is a subtle branding for these cables, but they deserve the recognition based on the quality of the cables.

The cables are great and come in a nice variety pack. Don’t cheap out on garbage cables. Buy something nice. For the $10 I spent on these, you can’t go wrong with a 6-pack! Click the image below to buy them on Amazon: