Product Review: SimpleTaste 20 Ounce Citrus Juicer

Making your own juice is not something I often do, but now that I have a juicer to review, I find myself making more and more each day. For this review, I have been asked to take a look at the SimpleTaste 20-Ounce Citrus Juicer.


What’s Inside

Inside the box, you get the following pieces:

  • Base with electric plug
  • Filter tray
  • Small Juicing Dome
  • Large Juicing Dome
  • Lid

Each of these pieces comes apart and is easy to clean. Things fit well together, aside from the filter tray being a tiny bit finicky. Once I realized it was my fault because I wasn’t putting the tray in evenly, I didn’t have difficulty with it anymore.

Each component feels sturdy. They won’t be breaking anytime soon, even after being put through a rough dish cycle when I clean the dishes. Even if they did break, it would result in a crack and not a break in half.


20161020_174412 20161020_174443 20161020_174503



This juicer worked quite well! I didn’t take photos of it working, but the video embedded above shows the process. The juicing domes do a good job of scraping the fruit. From there, it falls into the filter and the juice comes through. You can adjust the level of pulp you want in your drink as well via a lever at the top. I could go entirely juice, or a lot of pulp.


In addition to the grinding of the orange, there are two arms that rotate with the grinding dome that push the leftover pulp around, extracting more juice. This is very significant for extracting ALL of the juice.


Something else worth noting is how the juicer works. Every 2nd press reverses the direction of the juicer, grabbing even more juice from the orange.


Click the image below to buy the SimpleTaste 20-Ounce Citrus Juicer: