Product Review: iClever Kids’ Stereo Headphones – Animal Ears

I don’t get to review adorable kids’ toys as often as I like, but when I do, it brings me back to being a kid. Today, we’re going to look at iClever Kids’ Headphones in Pig Ears, Bat Ears, and Reindeer Ears.


Each box comes in a slightly different size. The bat ears actually ended up being the largest box.

img_20161102_182254  img_20161102_181944  img_20161102_182108

The headphones are absolutely adorable. They have a very good color tone and give off a very festive/animal-like vibe. Each pair of headphones are cute and seem to be really appealing to kids.




Each side view has an iClever branding on it, but it still fits the animal theme. This is where the headphones retract into the headrest to adjust the size. The sizes range from very tiny to a pretty big kids’ head. They won’t fit adult heads comfortably unless your head is small.




Each inside has a soft fabric that protects the ears from the speakers. They are also quite comfortable as the padding is very generous.


The cable is also pretty good quality. iClever took the flat cable approach, which is actually quite nice when winding up the cables. It makes them tangle a little less and also avoids kinks in the wire.


Finally, one last physical thing to note is that the reindeer headphones come apart. They fit snugly on the top and won’t come off without an intentional pull.

Sound Quality and Volume

One thing that’s important about headphones is the quality and relative volume. These headphones rely on the power provided by the device, so volume may vary. However, the volume on these is lower than most headphones, but this is actually a good thing with kids. We should not expose them to loud sounds, especially from concentrated speakers. These headphones should be used with younger kids to help develop good habits and also prevent them from doing damage to their hearing at such an early age. They have their teenage years to do that!

As for sound quality, the quality was quite nice. Obviously we don’t have top-end quality, but for a kid who plays on an iPad or a computer, this is great for that kind of purpose. They will be able to hear everything in good quality and Mom & Dad can be at ease that their kid isn’t blowing out their ear drum.


To buy these headphones, click on one below:

img_20161102_182254 img_20161102_181944 img_20161102_182108