Tech Review: iClever BoostSound Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BTS06)

I’ve reviewed  a lot of portable speakers over the last few years. Often, there are many good candidates for this year’s shopping list. These speakers make great gifts and definitely keep us within budget. Let’s take a look at the iClever BoostSound Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


What’s In the Box

In the box, we get the following items:

  • Speaker
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Auxiliary Cable
  • Caribeener Clip

I like when a speaker comes with a method for clipping it onto something like a book-bag or hammock. The clip is nice quality and really gives the speaker portability and convenience.





Sound Quality & Function

The sound quality on speakers are incredible these days. I remember my first review for a portable speaker. The sound was pretty good, but modern day technology has truly pushed the market. This speaker hits good bass and has a crisp quality to it. It also gets incredibly loud!



The speakers have a very minimalist approach to operation. On the right face of the speakers, we have a small removable rubber door. This reveals the charging port, aux port, and power switch. Often, the power buttons get annoying if you pack a back full of things and it accidentally turns on. That will not happen with this speaker.

In addition, we have the three valuable buttons on the top for play/pause, next/vol. up, and prev/vol. down. These buttons are great since those are the only ones revealed. This allows you to hide the unimportant buttons.




This is a pretty good speaker! I like the shape, especially when packing it in my messenger bag or other bag. The square shape gives you good sizing on the speakers and allows you to sneak it into the top of the bag, or clip it if you run out of space!

Connectivity was great. I was able to immediately connect to the speaker and start playing music.

The only drawback to a cube-shaped speaker is the direction of the speakers. These face one way and provide music in about 179 degrees as the field of listening. This is fine for such a portable speaker, but it was worth noting.

So there you have it, the iClever BoostSound Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great little device that offers a lot to the user. Click the image below to buy one for a family or friend for the holidays: