Tech Review: iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Metallic Lacquer Surface (BTS07)

Speakers are a very popular gift idea for this holiday season. They’re compact, work well, and everyone loves music, so why not give a gift that people can use? Let’s check out the iClever Bluetooth Speaker with Metallic Lacquer Surface.


What’s in the Box

Inside the box, you get the following items:

  • Speaker
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Auxiliary Cable


This speaker is supposed to be used for dedicated events as opposed to a convenient speaker you bring everywhere. This is worth noting, as the benefit from this is some great features.


This speaker is really nice for several reasons. First off, it is big, meaning you get a larger battery, better speakers, awesome buttons, and the ability to push the sound in more directions.


The buttons on the top are really nice. They feel great, click well, and offer a lot of different features. I am in love with the plus and minus signs for next/vol up and prev/vol down!


The speakers bend in an arc-shape. This allows you to push sound in more directions so everyone can hear it.


On the back we have the on/off switch and a rubber door that covers ports.


Inside the door we get the aux port and the micro-USB charging port.


The speaker fits well in your hand, but remember this speaker is dedicated to be placed somewhere for a whole day or longer.


There is also a light that indicates connectivity, low battery, and any other type of alerts you may encounter.



This is an amazing speaker, especially for an event like a party or day at the beach. While you won’t carry it with you everywhere, if you think you’ll need a speaker, you’ll pack this in your bags.

The speaker quality is great, battery life lasts for a very long time, and the curved speaker is awesome for reaching a large audience of people. This is definitely worth taking a look!

Click the image below to purchase the speaker: