General Technology

Tech Review: Voxlink Blue USB-C Nylon Coated Cables

  USB-C Cables are slowly replacing the Micro-USB ports quickly. Having to port everything over to the new standard is a pain, but also necessary. For me, I need a cable in every bag, desk, station and vehicle. If I don’t have it, I feel vulnerable. Let’s take a look at the Voxlink USB-C Cable […]

Tech Review: 1ByOne Magic Christmas Outdoor/Indoor Laser Light

With Christmas right around the corner, decorations are always a competition. Today I would like to introduce you to the 1ByOne Magic Christmas Indoor/Outdoor Laser Light.   Inside the box you get the following items: Projector Ground spike Spike stabilizer Instruction manual The projector seems to be very high quality. It feels solid and secure, […]

Tech Review: 1ByOne USB Gaming Headset

  Gaming headsets are getting very popular, especially with the surge in people who have abandoned gaming consoles for the more customizable PC. Let’s take a look at the 1ByOne USB Gaming Headset Appearance The gaming headset looks awesome. It has a cool red accent that also glows. Let’s look at some photos: The packaging […]

Tech Review: iMuto Compact 16,750 mAh 3-Port USB External Battery

Pokemon Go fans, I have found your savior. Imagine being able to hold onto a power brick that charges your phone up to FIVE times over! Such a product does indeed exist, and we’re going to review it right here: We’re looking at the iMuto 16750 mAh External USB Battery.     What’s Included With […]

Tech Review: Fenda Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Now that Apple is dropping the headphone port, bluetooth speakers are gaining more and more popularity. Let’s check out the Fenda Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Inside the box, we get the following items: Bluetooth Headphones Audio-cable (135 degree headphone port, more on this later) Micro-USB cable Instruction Manual From here, I’ll let the photos do most […]

Tech Review: Omaker W4 Portable Bluetooth Ultra-Compact Speaker

Before I got one, I never saw the use of the portable speakers. After bringing them hiking, biking, climbing, hammock-ing, etc. I found the speakers to be an amazing part of the trip. Find the right music, and you can really enjoy the speakers in almost every scenario. This product review is for such a […]

Tech Review: AllReli M515 Programmable Gaming Mouse

Gaming computers are getting more and more popular as time goes on. Today’s review is for the AllReli M515 Programmable Gaming Mouse. The first thing we notice on the product is the basic packaging. I like when packages get right to the point. It means the company doesn’t waste money on packaging and can pass […]

Tech Review: TechElec Micro-USB Cables (3.3ft and 6.6ft)

You can never have enough USB cables for your phone, gps, external battery, action camera, and any other device. Thankfully, we can purchase them online, but recent news has shown that many USB cables are not safe or can damage your device due to lack of product quality. I’m here to help with a product […]

Tech Review: AllReli Mechanical Programmable Gaming Keyboard

While I am not a gamer, I can appreciate and analyze gaming accessories. Understanding how these devices can help a player enjoy a gaming experience in a more immersive way is getting more and more popular as PC gaming becomes more popular. Today’s review is for the AllReli Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.     What’s In […]

Tech Review: iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Earbuds

Smartphones are probably going to lose that headphone port within the next 5 years. With that in mind, let’s check out a pair of iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Earbuds that I was asked to review. What’s in the Box In the box you get the following items: Earbuds Rubber mounts (large amount!) USB Charging Cable Instruction […]

Tech Review: iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Headphones

Word on the street is that smartphones are starting to drop the headphone port. This paves the way for specialized ports on phones via charging port, or bluetooth headphones. Today’s product review is for the iClever Boostrun Bluetooth Headphones. What’s In the Box? In the box, we get the following items: Bluetooth Headphones Charging Cable […]

Tech Review: iClever Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphone speakers have come a long way. Unfortunately, they are still not good enough for a social gathering. Thankfully, there exist many solutions, one of which being the iClever Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. What’s In the Box?   Inside the box we get the following items: Bluetooth Speaker USB Charging Cable Audio Jack Manual This is […]

Tech Review: Omaker Dual Port USB Charger

If you travel half as much as I do, you know that having a charger dedicated to a travel bag can save a lot of headaches. Today I will be reviewing the Omaker Dual Port USB Charger. The charger included has two USB ports, both capable of Qualcomm 2.0 Quickcharging. It basically means that this […]

Tech Review: Omaker USB Type C Cable

My Nexus 6P came with a 3 foot USB Type C cable for charging. While it works just fine, I need more length to successfully use my phone while charging it. When Omaker reached out to me for a product review of a 6.6 foot USB Type C Cable, I was very excited. Omaker is […]

Tech Review: AllReli Wireless Fast Charger

Wireless charging is no new technology, but in terms of mobile devices, people are finally seeing the value. This product review is for the AllReli Wireless Fast Charger.   This device allows a user to plug their charger into this pad, and it will wireless charge it while set on top of the pad. Using […]