Miscellaneous Adventures

What I’ve Been Up To

Wow, it’s been a while since updating the blog. I fell into some projects on the side. Coincidentally, they’re all on Youtube. Enjoy!   I assembled  a computer in high definition   I reviewed a few products         I also did some other cool stuff             Check […]

Adventure Report: Sam’s Point and Verkeerder Kills Falls in Cragsmoor, NY

New York has some fascinating trails to travel. Today, I went with a friend to check out Verkeerder Kills Falls in Cragsmoor, NY. Being only 30 minutes away, it made a nice destination for a day-hike. In addition to the Verkeerder Kills Falls, we also went to Sam’s Point lookout, which was a 10 minute […]

Adventure Report: Shaft 2A Waterfall in Kerhonkston, NY

Winter hiking is an interesting hobby that I’ve been trying. After getting some polyester clothing, I have been able to tackle some great things. Recently, a friend and I embarked on some winter climbing to see a waterfall that had frozen over. We saw some really cool stuff. The hike starts with a small hike […]

Adventure Report: Hiking the Ridge at New Paltz, NY

On Saturday, November 15th, a couple friends and I decided to do some hiking at the West Trapps area in New Paltz. This area is part of the Mohonk Preserve, and offers many cool areas to hike and explore. Our hike for this day was across the top of a famous area, called The Ridge. […]