Summer 2016 Plans

Summer is coming faster than ever! I just wanted to announce a few plans for my travel opportunities:   Nova Scotia After the last two years of doing Cross Country, then Florida and back, I think it’s time to explore a little north! I will be taking the motorcycle to Nova Scotia this time. I […]

Sorry Bitcoin, I’m Trading You In for a Motorcycle

The price of Bitcoin has been declining. This doesn’t mean it is doomed, or it is not worth investing, but rather the price has significantly dropped over the past year. I was fortunate enough to invest when it was decently cheap($300 to $350 range), so I don’t feel too upset about the price drop just […]

Life Experience and Motorcycle: DIY Motorcycle Work

Motorcycles can be very easy to repair. Often, the vehicle is made as simple as possible to save on weight. The motorcycle is basically 2 wheels, a chain(or other drive shaft), an engine, some simple electrical components, brakes, lights and a starter. When I first got my 97 VF750C, I wanted to become more handy […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 27: Last night camping

Tonight will be my last night camping. Tomorrow will be either in Philadelphia or NYC, depending on how everything plays out. I grabbed breakfast at a local diner, loved the ‘small town’ feel. Then hit the road. PA roads are gorgeous when the weather is nice. I got through 3 tunnels and got to see […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 24: Heading to Cincinnati again!

I think I’m heading to hang out with family in Cincinnati again. I really want to play some Magic: the Gathering competitively and I’m pretty sure there’s a tournament tonight at the card shop I previously visited. Wouldn’t mind playing. Today is rainy. Very rainy. My jeans are soaked, gear is sopping wet, and roads […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 23: Rain, rain, go away

Last night was fun. The rain was calming and enjoyable. However, cleanup was not fun. There is so much dirt everywhere. At least the motorcycle looks clean. It took a lot of time to pack up. I basically had to put everything together inside of the tiny tent. It was still raining as I got […]