2014 Motorcycle Trip Across the USA

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 27: Last night camping

Tonight will be my last night camping. Tomorrow will be either in Philadelphia or NYC, depending on how everything plays out. I grabbed breakfast at a local diner, loved the ‘small town’ feel. Then hit the road. PA roads are gorgeous when the weather is nice. I got through 3 tunnels and got to see […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 24: Heading to Cincinnati again!

I think I’m heading to hang out with family in Cincinnati again. I really want to play some Magic: the Gathering competitively and I’m pretty sure there’s a tournament tonight at the card shop I previously visited. Wouldn’t mind playing. Today is rainy. Very rainy. My jeans are soaked, gear is sopping wet, and roads […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 23: Rain, rain, go away

Last night was fun. The rain was calming and enjoyable. However, cleanup was not fun. There is so much dirt everywhere. At least the motorcycle looks clean. It took a lot of time to pack up. I basically had to put everything together inside of the tiny tent. It was still raining as I got […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 20: Off to Tulsa, OK

After an amazing night in the Palo Duro Canyon, it is time to grab a night of luxury. I’m headed to Owasso, OK. I found a nice hotel next to a brewery, and I wouldn’t mind having a local beer after these past few days. Brick house Brewery is the name of the place. Change […]