Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 24: Heading to Cincinnati again!

I think I’m heading to hang out with family in Cincinnati again. I really want to play some Magic: the Gathering competitively and I’m pretty sure there’s a tournament tonight at the card shop I previously visited. Wouldn’t mind playing. Today is rainy. Very rainy. My jeans are soaked, gear is sopping wet, and roads […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 23: Rain, rain, go away

Last night was fun. The rain was calming and enjoyable. However, cleanup was not fun. There is so much dirt everywhere. At least the motorcycle looks clean. It took a lot of time to pack up. I basically had to put everything together inside of the tiny tent. It was still raining as I got […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 20: Off to Tulsa, OK

After an amazing night in the Palo Duro Canyon, it is time to grab a night of luxury. I’m headed to Owasso, OK. I found a nice hotel next to a brewery, and I wouldn’t mind having a local beer after these past few days. Brick house Brewery is the name of the place. Change […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 16: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Post dedication: this post is dedicated my parents again. They’ve been there from the start and they’ll be there to the end. Its only fitting they get acknowledged in a similar way on this blog. I made it! I took a motorcycle from NY to the California coast! Its been a touch journey but it […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 15: Vegas, baby! Part 2

Vegas has been a lot of fun. Today I plan on doing a few things that don’t involve gambling: Take the motorcycle through the city to get a better feel of it Find some fantastic food See some kind of show(I’m thinking Blue Man Group) Relax at the hotel spa/resort Yesterday was a lot of […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 14: Vegas, baby!

Post dedication: this post is for my family in the Netherlands. They’ve been following my posts and encouraging me the whole trip! Thanks guys hope to see you soon! Today I’m going to Vegas! Its like 3 hours away, but its going to be really hot. I’ve taken the precaution of bringing 3 huge water bottles […]

Motorcycle Trip Across America 2014 – Day 12: Pushing hard west again!

Post dedication: This post is dedicated to Donald and Daniel, a father and son who have been following my blog. They donated a very generous amount of money to give me some gas and food on the trip. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support! I hope you guys get the opportunity to take a similar […]