Data Recovery and Computer Repair

Data Recovery

  • Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Crashed Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Recovery of Damaged and Corrupted Files on Working Devices
  • Data Extraction from Broken/Old Machines
  • Un-Deleting of Files
  • For best results, DO NOT attempt to operate the device on your own. Every time a device is booted up or used in any way, data is at risk for being further damaged. Less use of the device gives a better chance of success.

Password Recovery (Windows Devices):

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Must be able to show ownership of machine

Data recovery is a very delicate process. There are different approaches to the service. Diagnosis fees are $10 per device.

Hourly rate for data recovery is $75 per hour.

Hourly rate for password recovery is $45 per hour.


Computer Repair

  • Removal of Viruses and Malware, includes Installation of Antivirus Tools
  • Clean Slate – Reformatting your device back to the first day you bought it
  • Removing Dust and Re-organizing Wires
  • Laptop Repair – Keyboard, Screen,¬†Motherboard, Hard Drive
  • Build-A-PC –¬†Custom Built PC for Your Needs and Budget
  • For all additional inquiries, please use the contact form