Windows is one of the most popular environments out there. Unfortunately, most people do not use Windows in an efficient or safe way. Here are some tips and tricks to running a more secure Windows Environment:

Keep Updated

Windows is always under attack since it is the most popular operating system out there. Updating Windows means you keep security up to date. This will also make sure you have the newest features, the least bugs, and hopefully the safest version of your Operating System.

Windows updates by itself most of the time. If you are unsure, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your computer
  • Click Start
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Go to System & Security
  • Manage options for updating your system. Automatic updates are ideal if you have a desktop.



Run FREE Antivirus

Antivirus does not need to cost money. Avast is a free antivirus that tries to up-sell you on better features, but if you install Avast and keep insisting on the free version, you will be very happy.

Installing Avast:

  • Go here
  • Download the Avast file and open it
  • Choose custom installation
  • Only check the following:
    • File Shield
    • Behavior Check
    • Web Shield
  • Scan your PC when finished

Additionally, you should consider installing MalwareBytes and again, keep insisting on free versions. That is all you need.


Set up Proper User Accounts

Probably 99% of users do not do this, and as a result, viruses are free to do as they please on a computer. When you set up your Windows machine, you should make an administrator account ONLY for installing/uninstalling programs as opposed to day-to-day use.

So you should have the following setup:

  • Administrator - ONLY for maintenance and/or program management
  • Daily Use 1 - Account for the first person who uses the computer
  • Daily use 2 - Account for the second person who uses the computer
  • (any other number of users under the same idea)
  • Guest account - for friends and family to use for temporary situations


If all else fails... get a Chromebook