If you’re looking for  a way to add some nice ambiance with a pleasant scent released to your home, look no further! Today we’re going to be looking at the Syntus Essential Oil Diffuser.

Whats In the Box?

Inside the box, we get the following items:

  • Oil Diffuser
  • AC Adapter
  • Water cup for pouring more water into the diffuser
  • Remote control
  • Warranty card & Instruction Manual



Looking at the diffuser, we can feel that this is made of bamboo on the outside. It feels and looks great! When the device is turned on, it looks even cooler!



When I got the diffuser plugged in, filled with water and added some oil, we were ready to go. Once you turn the device on, it immediately starts making some water vapor with diffused oil. You can almost immediately smell the oil and it performs quite well.

To get the diffuser started, you simply need to plug it in, add water, and add a few drops of oil. That’s it!

The lights on the diffuser look great! The bamboo/light combination really give a good presentation in a “new meets old” kind of look. Very cyber-punk-ish if I can make such a claim.

I also enjoyed opening the lid and seeing the light pour out. It looked really cool as your eyes adjust to the device.

After running it for a few hours, I did start run out of water. Thankfully, there are some modes you can enable from the remote:

  • Continuous use
  • 1 Hour Timer
  • 2 Hour Timer
  • Cycle between on/off

These modes are great, especially if you want to add some aroma to the air before going to bed but don’t want to risk it running all night. This is well thought out as I used it last night before going to bed.

Diffusing Some Conclusions

Overall, this is a great little diffuser for improving your home, office or other room. For the price, you get some great aesthetics combined with a good quality diffuser. I recommend grabbing some vanilla oil, as it is clearly the best scent in the world.


Click here to buy the Syntus Esssential Oil Diffuser