It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review. My most recent review is for a more adorable, kid-oriented device. Let’s take a look at the ZNT Moe Breathing Light.



The light is absolutely adorable. This little kitty lamp is soft, has an adorable look, and has a minimalist design that really brings out its character.

The plastic is super soft to the touch, and the whole body can “smoosh” in when pressed.

The tail is really cute too, and has perfect placement of the logo. I know companies like to place their logo on their products, but this is acceptable since it is very minimal.

At the bottom we have a power button and micro-USB plug for charging.



The Moe Light works fantastic. There are two settings that can be used. The first setting is max brightness. This is a nice little night light for kids.

With the tap of the head, the lamp switches to “breathing” mode, where the light slowly gets bright, then dim, and repeats. Finally, with a second tap, the light turns off until tapped again.

The battery lasts a long time. I got about 20 hours of use before it started to dim. This is pretty darn impressive, as it uses a small battery.



This device is cute, and serves as a great gift for a little kid. The night light mode definitely helps illuminate a child’s room, and the breathing mode can be very soothing. At the current price of $18, this is a cute little gift to get for a kid… or yourself!