I’ve always been a fan of carrying around a bag for my tech needs. I have a messenger bag and a large bookbag for full days, but I’ve never used a minimalist bag to carry around the essentials. Luckily, FreeTOO reached out to me and asked me to review one of their minimalist bags. This review will take a look at the FreeTOO Professional Laptop Bookbag.



This bookbag offers enough storage space to securely hold a laptop, charger, several accessories, and still gives enough room to hold more. For me, my bag has been holding the following items:

  • Laptop (15 inch)
  • Laptop charger
  • 3 decks of magic the gathering cards
  • Nalgene water bottle
  • A book
  • Several flash drives
  • 2 USB external batteries
  • 3 charging cables
  • and various paperwork

This is a lot of stuff, and I didn’t even need to expand the bag with the zipper expansion:


This laptop bag is pretty well made. The straps feel very lightweight, and give the impression that they wouldn’t hold much weight, but I load this thing up with my gear daily and the straps show no signs of wear.

There are some additional features that really bring out the quality in this bag. First off, there is a built-in USB cable that gives you a port on the outside of your bag:

img_20161117_185049 img_20161117_185235

This allowed me to place a USB external battery in my bookbag and charge my phone while walking around. It was really useful to keep my bag closed, yet still charge my phone when I sat down at a bench.

Another notable feature is the cell phone mount on the armstrap. This is a weird suction-cup panel that holds your phone nice and secure. I was hesitant to use it in my Youtube review, but I tried it out and actually liked it. It holds my phone nice and secure while I listened to music from headphones.


The last thing I want to discuss about this bookbag is the comfort level. This bag sits nicely on my back and actually made it hard to feel the weight from the items inside. Something about the padding combined with the form of the bag really makes it comfortable. I didn’t even realize I had a laptop in my bag sometimes.




So there you have it, this bookbag is great. For the price, you pay a little more for the extra quality. I can see myself using this as a commuter bag for the future, and maybe even for weekend getaways. I pack light

Click the image below to purchase the FreeToo Professional Laptop Backpack: