In today's digital world, we are finding new innovations every day. One such innovation is the creation of a decentralized, internet-native currency called Bitcoin. Some have speculated on this as a digitally scarce asset that could parallel gold, while others see it as a currency that could free citizens of nations whose governments have abused their power over the monetary system, and while others see this as "programmable money". Either way, Bitcoin is a fascinating technology worthy of our attention, and we should know what it does and the basics of how it works.



Tech Services Involving Bitcoin

  • General education of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
    This will teach you the absolute basics of what Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies actually are, and what they do. By the end of this, you will be able to tell the difference between the major cryptocurrencies, the general concepts of how Bitcoin works, and the capabilities of digital currencies.
  • Using Bitcoin - Training
    Learn how to use Bitcoin. Learn to send and receive cryptocurrency, set up a wallet, back up a wallet, and navigate the Blockchain in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Securing Bitcoin - Types of Wallets, Recovery, Safe Storage
    If you are investing in Bitcoin, this will teach you how to properly secure your Bitcoin so only you control the private keys. Leaving your cryptocurrency in an exchange defeats a valuable characteristic of the cryptocurrency.
  • Behind the Scenes - How Bitcoin Works
    Learn the key inner-workings of Bitcoin, such as asymmetric cryptography, how mining works, what gives Bitcoin immutability, proof of work, and many other aspects of Bitcoin. This is intense, but delivered in a way that does not dive into technical details.


Please contact me with inquiries about education in Bitcoin.

Can be taught on a personal or corporate level.